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A collection for RMPortal Literature Tagged "CBNRM For Review"

by Portal Web Editor last modified Apr 09, 2013 02:20 PM
Documents or other content found by Assessment members, and flagged as promising for the purposes of the CBNRM Assessment, by either adding the Category TAG "CBNRM For Review," or sharing from Members' "FAVORITES" folders. This content can be tagged or marked as a favorite from anywhere in the RM Portal.
Title Description Creator Publication Date Item Type
File 48 Cantones de Totonicapan This is a short briefing document about the indigenous organization "48 Cantones de Totonicapan" with which USAID is beginning to provide support, through the R... tcatterson 2011 File
NWP Annotation 48 Cantones de Totonicapan What is unique about the document and the indigenous organization it describes is that it has been in existence since colonial times. Both the organization and... tcatterson NWP Annotation
File Assessment of CBNRM Best Practices in Tanzania Task Order No. 35 Contract No. PCE-I-00-96-00002-00 Final Report Prepared by Janis Alcorn, Asukile Kajuni and Bob Winterbottom With contributions from J... webeditor 2002 File
File Bibliography: Zambia and Climate change This bibliography provides citations on several topics related to climate change and the environment in Zambia. webeditor 2010 File
CBNRM Literature For Review and Discussion Add files to be reviewed for the CBNRM Assessment and for possible Annotation here. You can add Files, Webpages, Images, Links, etc. directly to this folder. ... webeditor Folder
File CBNRM Workgroup How-to PowerPoint 10-02-2012 landguest File
File CBNRM Workgroup How-to PowerPoint 10-02-2012 landguest File
File Community Based Joint Forest Management in Tanzania The strength of this program is its focus on partnerships with local communities to protect the biodiversity of Tanzania’s Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Morogoro and T... webeditor 2009 File
File Community Enterprise Interventions for Landscape/Seascape Level Conservation This product—Lessons on Community Enterprise Interventions for Landscape/Seascape Level Conservation—looks across learning in seven landscape/seascapes, im... webeditor 2009 File
File Community-Based Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) Sport Hunting in the Petén, Guatemala Case study of a community-based payment for ecosystem (PES)/trophy hunting scheme for conservation in Guatemala. This case study reviews the establishment of an... rhessmiller 2008 File
File Community-based Rangeland & Livestock Management Reader, 2nd Edition The Namibia Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management (CBRLM) Project, which produced this Reader in 2011, is a sub-activity of the Agriculture Support... mcolby 2011 File
File Developing Alternative Frameworks for Community-based Conservation: Piloting Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in Tanzania's Simanjiro Plains Case study on piloting payments for environmental services (PES) in the Simanjiro Plains, Tanzania - The Simanjiro plains provide a key wet season dispersal are... webeditor 2008 File
File Eco-regional conservation and development in Madagascar: a review of USAID-funded efforts in two priority landscapes An analysis with recommendations for an eco-regional approach to development and conservation in Madagascar. janderson 2010 File
File Economic Analysis of Land Use Policies For Livestock, Wildlife and Disease Management In Caprivi, Namibia, With Potential Wider Implications For Regional Transfrontier Conservation Areas Standard cost-benefit analysis was applied to several future policy options for land use and animal disease management in Caprivi, Namibia. Emphasis was placed ... webeditor 2013 File
File Establishing Priorities Through Use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis For A Commodity Based Trade Approach To Beef Exports From the East Caprivi Region of Namibia The Sanitary and Phytosanitary Annex to the Tripartite Agreement between the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Common Market for Eastern and So... webeditor 2013 File
File Final Evaluation of the Land Rights and Community Forestry Program (LRCFP) Final Evaluation of the USAID Liberia Land Rights and Community Forestry Program (LRCFP). October 2011. webeditor 2011 File
File Forest Conservation and Leakage: Evidence from Mexico's National Payments for Watershed Services Program Presentation given under the auspices of the TransLinks project at USAID's Biodiversity and Forestry Seminar Series on 9-9-11, this is a much more detailed pres... mcolby 2011 File
File Informe Final Proyecto Bolfor II El proyecto BOLFOR II se desarrolló del 2003 al 2008 en el marco de un convenio bilateral entre el Gobierno de Bolivia y el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos de ... webeditor File
File Legados BOLFOR II Forestería Comunitaria deriva de los términos ingleses “Community Forestry”1: “refiere al manejo del bosque que tiene como metas centrales la sostenibi... webeditor 2009 File
File Multiple forest use through commercial sport hunting: Lessons from a community-based model from the Petén, Guatemala The “Proyecto Pavo” is a project dedicated to the conservation of the Ocellated Turkey (Meleagris ocellata) through sustainable use of the species in multip... mcolby 2012 File
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