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How to Add Annotations to a File

by Portal Web Editor last modified May 08, 2020 04:00 AM
Instructions for annotating files on the portal.

Annotation can be added to any file on the portal, including XML files imported from the USAID DEC.

To add annotation to a file:

1. Click the blue Add annotation button  at the bottom of the file page.



2.The Annotated Resource and Annotation Title will be automatically populated and should be left alone. However, you may add an annotation summary.



3. Add the Reviewer, Reviewer Affiliation, and Review Date. The Reviewer is the person that you are adding the annotation for. If this is you, add your name.



4. Add Journal name and Publisher.



5. Click the check boxes next to the Type(s) of Documents. If the type of document is not shown, check other and fill in the other field.



6. Add a Rating. The rating criteria is based on stars: one star being the poorest; two stars being the best.



7. Check the boxes next to the remaining criteria that apply: Regions; Natural Resources; Ecosystem Services; NWP Principles - Nature: NWP Principles - Wealth; NWP Principles - Power; Tools used; Constraints; Solutions; Impacts; and Additional Discussion Topics.


8. Click Save.


9. To return to the file that you annotated, click the Annotated Resource link.




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