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Click on the Sub-Groups below to join your group. Within each Sub-Group you can discuss your work, review documents, and more.


This is the group workspace for the full CRID-IAWG membership.

Performance and Cost Metrics

This Sub-Working Group will focus on the E.O. requirement to develop, for agencies with direct international development programs and investments, methods for tracking and reporting on Federal Government progress in institutionalizing more climate-resilient development approaches, including performance metrics.

Screening, Data, Tools, and Approaches

This Sub-Working Group is tasked with assessing and identifying, for agencies with direct international development programs and investments, existing climate-change tools, approaches, data, and information to help agencies assess climate risks and make decisions that incorporate climate-resilience considerations.


The sub-group is for Working Group Co-Chairs and Sub-Group Co-Chairs, and their staff, to post and work on documents and discussions as needed, for instance on decisions and documents that are close to completion.


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