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by Stanzin Tonyot last modified Jan 10, 2013 09:08 AM
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UA International Development Community

Since the 1950s, developed countries and international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF and United Nations have been involved in international development -- making the benefits of scientific advances and industrial progress available for the improvement and growth of developing countries (Harry Truman 1949). The US university community has been involved in international development right from the beginning and continues to be active today.

In our time, the challenge of economic globalization has brought benefits to developing countries in improving the standard of living of millions of people, yet today 2.8 billion people (more than half the people in developing countries) live on less than $2 a day. Out of this 1.2 billion earn less than $1 a day (World Bank). In many countries, a focus on macroeconomics has only brought social and environmental problems to local communities and individuals.

Recently, there has been a shift in the way development is practiced, from a focus solely on economic growth through macroeconomic planning and implementation to one that also incorporates microeconomics. This is manifest in today's attention to issues such as poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods - issues that relate directly to communities, households and individuals. In part, this shift is possible through emerging networks between governments, non-governmental organizations, local communities and universities. It is in keeping with this spirit that the UAIDC has been founded with the goal of bringing together involved faculty at the University of Arizona, so that both as individuals and as a group we can be more effective in international development research and outreach programs. The formation of this group also facilitates the integration of pragmatic development practice with theoretical approaches to understanding development.

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List of group members:

 aajami (Amir Ajami )
 dandersonberens (Dylan Anderson-Berens)
 daustin (Diane Austin)
 mbaro (Mamadou Baro)
 lbarros (Luis Barros)
 sbetts (Sherry Betts)
 jbrown (Judith K. Brown)
 sbuechler (Stephanie Buechler)
 bburke (Brian Burke)
 acapdevila (Aleix Serrat Capdevila)
 jchamie (Jim Chamie)
 scole (Steve Cole)
 jdale (Jon Dale)
 wdecker (Wayne Decker)
 aericksen (Annika Ericksen)
 pffolliott (Peter F. Ffolliott)
 tjfinan (Tim Finan)
 kfitzsimmons (Kevin Fitzsimmons)
 cflynn (Cynthia Flynn)
 kfox (Karyn Fox)
 rgimblett (Randy Gimblett)
 jgreenberg (James Greenberg)
 chagens (Clara Hagens)
 ahecker (Alex Hecker)
 sherrmann (Stefanie Herrmann)
 mhildebrandfaust (Mike Hildebrand-Faust)
 jhiller (Joe Hiller)
 jholbrook (Jarita Holbrook)
 ahuete (Alfredo Huete)
 mhughes (Malcolm Hughes)
 bhutchinson (Barbara Hutchinson)
 chutchinson (Chuck Hutchinson)
 chutchison (Chuck Hutchison)
 jpjones (John P. Jones)
 ckaltenbach (Colin Kaltenbach)
 mlangworthy (Mark Langworthy)
 jmagistro (John Magistro)
 smarsh (Stuart E. Marsh)
 fmayorga (Fernando Mayorga)
 jmelzer (James Melzer)
 mmiranda (Matti Miranda)
 smoore (Sarah Moore)
 lmoriniere (Lezlie Moriniere)
 aniang (Aminata Niang)
 borr (Barron Orr)
 tpark (Tad Park)
 bpou (Bolivar Pou)
 mproctor (Mike Proctor)
 arawan (Atifa Rawan)
 probbins (Paul Robbins)
 csievers (Cindy Sievers)
 ksimmons (Kirk Simmons)
 dslack (Donald Slack)
 jtabor (Joe Tabor)
 stonyot (Stanzin Tonyot)
 rtouchan (Ramzi Touchan)
 uadevelopersguest (Guest User)
 jvaldes (Juan B. Valdes)
 cvarley (Catherine Varley)
 mvasquez (Marcela Vasquez)
 hecky (Hecky Villanueva)
 hwilfert (Hallie Wilfert)
 pwilson (Paul Wilson)
 swoodward (Stefanie Woodward)
 cyamashita (Chiyo Yamashita-gill)
 myitayew (Muluneh Yitayew)
 nyoung (Nancy Young)
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