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Portal Help and How To: Knowledge Base

by Portal Web Editor last modified Nov 27, 2018 12:35 PM
Help and How To documents for using the Natural Resources Management & Development Portal.

USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal

Title Description
Plone How to Manual The USAID RM Portal is built on the Plone content management system. This manual describes how to use Plone and the USAID Natural Resources Management & Develop...
How to Add Content to the Portal Instructions for adding content to the portal including: a general overview; pages; news items; images; folders; links; files; events; discussions; and collecti...
How to Access and Reset Your Password How to reset your RM Portal password from the login screen.
How to Add to Favorites Instructions for adding to Favorites and using My Favorites folder.
How to Advanced Search Instructions for using Plone's Advanced Search.
How To Create a Group Workspace How to create a group, add members to a group, and create a group folder with members and email portlets.
How to create Personal Preferences How to set your personal preferences
How to Import Content into the RM Portal from the USAID DEC and Online Databases (Science Direct,, Google Scholar, etc.) In this section are instructions for importing search results from the USAID DEC (XML format) and importing content found on multiple research databases such as...
How to Initiate a Discussion From Anywhere in the Portal Instructions for initiating a discussion in a group that you are a member of from anywhere in the portal.
File How to Reset Your Password Downloadable PDF How to reset your USAID RM Portal password from the login screen.
How to Search a USAID RM Portal Subsite
How to Send Group Email From Anywhere in the Portal Instructions for sending email to a group from anywhere in the portal.
How to Use a Forum: Add and Reply
Publishing and State Description of the private, public draft, and published 'state' of content on the portal.
Rules for Keyword Tagging on the USAID RM Portal How to create effective tags on the RMP.
Versioning How to view the version history of an item, compare versions, preview previous versions and revert to previous versions.
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