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Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge: National Whistleblower Center is fighting wildlife crime corruption

The Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge rewards science and tech innovations that fight wildlife crime. Congratulations to the National Whistleblower Center, one of the Challenge’s four Grand Prize Winners! They share a more than $900,000 Grand Prize to accelerate their exceptional innovation, the Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program, which will fight corruption by incentivizing insiders to securely report wildlife crime.

Original Source

The Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program

The National Whistleblower Center

Issue Area: Tackle corruption

The Problem: Illegal wildlife trade has increased sharply in recent decades, in part due to the low risk of detection, and trafficking is frequently committed by complex criminal networks.

The Solution: The National Whistleblower Center’s Global Wildlife Whistleblower Program is designed to protect and incentivize insiders to report evidence of illegal wildlife trafficking confidentially and anonymously via an online platform. The program incorporates a transnational reporting system designed to protect whistleblowers’ identities and an educational program informing them of their rights to obtain financial rewards for reporting crimes.


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