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Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge: New York University is tackling online wildlife trafficking

The Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge rewards science and tech innovations that fight wildlife crime. Congratulations to New York University, one of the Challenge’s four Grand Prize Winners! They share a more than $900,000 Grand Prize to accelerate their exceptional innovation, a secure, web-based interface that leverages the power of machine learning to identify online wildlife trafficking.

Original Source

Enforcement Gaps Interface

New York University

Issue Area: Detect transit routes

The Problem: The sale of illegally trafficked wildlife via online marketplaces has surged in recent years, and online retail platforms have had limited success in addressing this issue. At the same time, the monitoring of the online wildlife trade continues to rely primarily on manual search techniques that typically occur over short periods of time.

The Solution: The Enforcement Gaps Interface is a secure, web-based interface that incorporates a computational model and the power of machine learning. The Enforcement Gaps Interface is designed to help non-governmental organizations, law enforcement agencies, and retailers identify online trafficking of protected and illegal wildlife and wildlife parts both domestically and internationally, and help map transit routes for trafficked wildlife and wildlife parts.


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