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International Training Programs sponsored by the US Forest Service International Programs

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International Training Programs sponsored by the US Forest Service International Programs

The USDA Forest Service International Programs and its partners are pleased to announce four international training opportunities for 2004. The seminars stimulate deliberations and problem solving for issues related to three unique areas of natural resource management. The USDA Forest Service supports the seminars with the idea of engaging a global network of natural resource managers in a productive, interactive dialogue on common challenges and solutions.

Invited participants are selected to reflect the widest possible geographic distribution and diversity of experience. Program activities will take advantage of the experience of the participants, as well as the unique heritage of the field locations included in each seminar. Three of the programs are intensive, interactive seminars designed for English-speaking senior natural resource management professionals who desire to improve their managerial capabilities and administrative skills. The newest addition to our list of collaborative training includes a Spanish-language based field course on protected area management.

Participants who have their own financial sponsorship are invited to get more information and apply via our website (Note: Please visit the website for application details and updated tuition costs.)

The seminars include: The University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and the USDA Forest Service International Programs co-sponsor the International Seminar on Watershed Management. A mixture of instruction and facilitated discussions will engage participants on critical global and regional watershed management issues, emphasizing innovative approaches to watersheds to work across a wide range of biophysical and socioeconomic settings. Particular attention will be given to the management of watersheds in developing and newly emerging market economies. (June 14-30, 2005)

The International Field Course on Wildlands and Protected Area Management co-hosted by the Center for Protected Area Management and Training at Colorado State University and USDA Forest Service International Programs, held entirely in Spanish, presents key concepts, principles, and methods of protected area management while emphasizing field-based practical exercises. Participants will interact extensively with local resource users, various local, state, and federal agencies, collaborating private conservation organizations, and other citizen groups involved in natural resource management. This interaction will provide participants with hands-on experience in solving complex biodiversity conservation and natural resource use and management problems, as well as in interacting with the many types of stakeholders involved in real-world situations. (July 5 - August 7, 2005)

The International Seminar on Protected Area Management is held in the northern Rocky Mountains of the western United States. Designed for senior level planners and managers of nationally significant protected areas worldwide, this integrated state-of-the-art course examines strategies to conserve the world's most special places. The program, sponsored by the USDA Forest Service International Programs and the Universities of Montana, Idaho and Colorado State, will evaluate policies and institutional arrangements that sustain both people and natural resources. (August 3 - 20, 2005 ~ tuition $4750)

The International Seminar on Forestry and Natural Resources Administration and Management cohosted by USDA Forest Service International Programs and Colorado State University, presents a broad spectrum of natural resource management techniques and institutional arrangements so that participants may selectively gather ideas that can assist in the management of their lands. The seminar focuses on strategies and methods to develop, manage, and conserve natural resources for the sustained delivery of goods and services to meet the full range of human needs. (August 21 - September 8, 2005, tuition to be determined)


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