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Plone Platform Upgrades and Sustainability

by Rose Hessmiller last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:47 AM
Plone Symposium Roundup - New Orleans, March 8 - 10, 2006 Limi and Runyan discuss plone upgrade and migration projections.

Path for sustaining and maintaining the RM Portal

During the key note speech by Alexander Limi and Alan Runyan at Plone Symposium, the following interesting Statistics were mentioned:

  • Plone supports 50 translations out of the box
  • There are about 300+ add-on products available for Plone
  • In 2005, the Plone direct downloads were 250,000+

The biggest strength of Plone is the way it handles migrations.  Most of the commercial content management companies make money from migration projects.  With Plone, customers get the migration for free.  Alaxendar Limi mentioned that a huge effort is required to provide "in place" migration for the content (which is the process as of today).  In future, the strategy for migration will be different.  The content (hierarchy, security, data, rules, content relationships etc) from the old Plone site will be extracted (exported) out to an external storage (may be a combination of XML files and binary files).  Users will then create a new Plone site (latest one) and dump (import) all the data back.  This strategy seems to be less painful and more efficient.

Right now, Plone development team receives very little feedback.   Limi requested all the Plone users to provide valuable feedback to Plone development team. 

There were interesting comments about the Plone future roadmap.  Plone 2.5 release focuses on infrastructural changes and Plone 3.0 focuses on User Interface.  Some one asked if Plone 3.0 is going to run on Zope 3.0.  The answer is no.  Plone 3.0 runs on Zope 2 technologies (mostly Zope 2.9).   During dinner time, we had various conversations about Plone running on Zope 3.0 technologies etc.   I liked Alan's comments: "You stick with Plone and we will take you to Zope 3.0 whenever it is appropriate".

Overall the conference is very well received.   All the talks (including the case studies) were good.  I uploaded some of the photographs at:

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