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Research Association of Medical and Biological Organizations (RAMBO) Presentation, April 25, 2006

by Rose Hessmiller — last modified Jan 10, 2013 11:46 AM
Presentation to the Annual RAMBO Conference on the USAID RM Portal, focusing on content managent goals and solutions as a response to solving geographically and linguistically complex problems.


  • Complex problems cross sectors.
  • Geographically and linguistically diverse audiences need to collaborate to solve complex problems.
  • Too much effort is spent solving problems and not being able to maximize the solution.
  • Not sufficient to simply generate materials for outreach.  An effective information/communication delivery system – one that allows Washington-based offices to reach out the Missions (field), while also allowing USAID/Mission, Embassy Science and Technology Staff, and Partners to reach back to Washington.  The problem is how to network the partners and then link the USAID Mission and Embassy staff back to Washington. 


Distribution of technical knowledge and expertise to a wide audience, and a path to help individuals to apply it.


Content management, allowing:

  • Wide and immediate distribution of searchable content to a global audience.
  • Easy mechanism to upload shareable content to the Internet (all content types, large and small)
  • Logical storage and exchange system
  • Easy to use computer mediated communication system
  • Collaboration of cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary individuals and teams, around content, allowing team development and anecdotal dialog, to solve global complex problems.
  • Using open source, community built and supported tools.


  • USAID Mission Support
    • Environmental, Energy, and Health Sectors
    • NGO's
    • CBO's
    • Universities
    • Government Agencies
  • Individuals (the public)

Examples of Content

  • Collaborative and anecdotal dialog
  • Files (MS Word, Acrobat, Excel, Flash, etc.)
  • News Items
  • Calendar Events
  • Images
  • Video
  • Data
  • Services (RSS Feeds, SOAP, etc)

Use Case: Dr. Antonio Badero

The internet portal and associated communications capability would provide a host of clinical and research opportunities.

  • Using the portal to support caregivers of varying levels of expertise in the field
    • On-line clinical records- directing care according to protocol, and facilitating central monitoring and supervision
    • Centralized “consult” service
    • Building a knowledge base for ongoing education of remote caregivers, with the result that they will be more and more “empowered” and less and less dependent on the central resource
    • Centralized laboratory services
  • Education
    • Dynamic, interactive, cased based learning
    • Content and reference materials
    • On-line conferences
    • Patient materials
  • Clinical Research
    • Sites linked within the portal would be an extraordinary resource for clinical trials and outcomes studies-
  • Basic Research
    • The portal would provide the ability to assemble samples and data centrally

Portal Demonstration

What is a Portal?

    • Home (Demonstration of changing content display)

    • Portlets (Demonstration of dynamic content/ items for review/ recent changes)

    • News (Discussion of public and private news feature: example of News item posted in Portuguese, demonstration of translate into feature/ex. French.

    • Calendar (Forest Team May Meeting)

    • Members (Demonstration of search by group ex. Climate) (Locating Field/Content Experts. Click on kcarney to learn more info on this member)

    • Groups  (Forest Team) HTML Showcase page, newsletters, private team workspace)

    • Library  (Structured containment/Sharing of All Content Types/Copyright) Demonstration of Agriculture and Sustainable Rural Development, flashmovie from David Soroko (Copyright points)

    • Training (Storage and Facilitation) Reference to NRM Training Information Folder, Training Presentations (Comment function/reference)

    • My Folder (Sharing Function)

    • Search (Integrated deep search across all areas) Demonstration of Disaster and Early Warning Systems section

    • Help (Myriad formats) Public Draft Folder allowing Portal members to upload their 'help' documentation.

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