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Participant Contact Info

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Participant Contact Information

Non-Governmental Organizations

African Wildlife Foundation, Moses Kanene
Conservation International, David Gambill
EnDyna, Inc., Gregory Miller
Jane Goodall Institute,  Sara Bushey
Jane Goodall Institute, Alicia Macharia
Jane Goodall Institute, Lisa Pharoah

Private Sector

ARD, Inc., Bruce Byers
Diamond Consulting, Nancy Diamond
Innovative Resources Management, Brian Greenberg
International Resources Group, Ltd., Charlie Benjamin
Population Reference Bureau, Kathleen Mogelgaard
Wildlife Conservation Society, Steve Osofsky
World Wildlife Fund, Owen Cylke
World Widlife Fund, Jenny Springer

Donor Banks

Inter-American Development Bank, Carolina Handall
World Bank Group, Priya Shyamsundar

U.S. Agency for International Development
Africa Bureau, Karen O’Donnell
Asia and the Near East Bureau, Charles Uphaus
Asia and the Near East Bureau, Tim Resch
Disaster Preparedness, Erika Cleseri
Disaster Preparedness, Juli Majernik
Agriculture,  D. Ben Swartley
Agriculture, Randy Chester
Environment Information Technology, Stephen Tournas
Environment and Science Policy, Meredith Soule
Global Climate Change, Loret Ruppe
Natural Resources Management (NRM/LRM), Jon Anderson (co-organizer)
Natural Resources Management (NRM/LRM), Jeff Brokaw
Natural Resources Management (NRM/Biodiversity), Connie Campbell
Natural Resources Management (NRM/Froestry), CJ Elron
Natural Resources Management (NRM/Water), Meg Findley
Natural Resources Management (NRM), David Hess
Natural Resources Management (NRM/LRM), Roberta Hilbruner
Natural Resources Management (NRM/LRM), Chris Kosnik
Natural Resources Management (NRM/Forestry), Julie Kunen
Natural Resources Management (NRM/LRM), Mike McGahuey
Natural Resources Management (NRM/Biodiversity), Doreen Robinson
Natural Resources Management (NRM), Richard Volk
Natural Resources Information Clearinghouse, Carol Hansen
Natural Resources Information Clearinghouse, Wendy Rice
Poverty Reduction, Tim Mahoney
Poverty Reduction, Marty Hanratty
Poverty Reduction, Victoria Rames (co-organizer)
Poverty Reduction, Jason Girard
Private Voluntary Assistance-American Schools and Hospitals Abroad
(PVA-ASHA), Ashley Mattison
Global Development Alliance (GDA), Manpreet Singh Anand
Global Development Alliance (GDA), Roopa Karia
Global Health/RCS, Sianna Tackett
Latin America & the Caribbean Bureau, Nancy Eslick
Policy and Program Coordination, Joe Hirsch

Other U.S. Agencies

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, Alex Moad
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Michael Mascia
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Claudia Walters


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